Darlington Borough Council’s future commissioning aims and vision will be focused on changing behaviours to promote independence developing evidence based early interventions to prevent peoples care needs increasing and devising new delivery models through joint work with our partners.

We will achieve this through a particular focus on using available resources more effectively and seeking to work with a more diverse range of partners including voluntary and community sector organisations small and medium size enterprises and entrepreneurs. This position statement is intended to provide the information needed to support that effort.

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What is the Gateshead Health and Care System?

The Gateshead Health and Care System is a group of local organisations that come together on a regular basis to work differently together in order to achieve better outcomes for local people. This includes:

  • Gateshead Council
  • NHS Newcastle Gateshead CCG
  • Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Community Based Care Health / Gateshead Federation of GP Practices
  • Blue Stone Consortium

Our aims and objectives

Our aims and objectives are to:

  • shift the balance of services from acute hospital care and crisis interventions to community support with a focus on prevention, early help and self-help. As part of this, ensure that a shift in activity is accompanied by a shift in resource as appropriate, for example, that money follows the patient/service user;
  • support the development of integrated care and treatment for people;
  • create a joint planning and financial framework for managing the difficult decisions required to ensure effective, efficient and economically secure services during a period of continued public sector financial austerity, getting the most from the Gateshead

Helping people to thrive in Gateshead

Our aims and objectives support all 5 pledges of Gateshead’s Thrive agenda:

  • put people and families at the heart of what we do
    • tackle inequality so people have a fair chance
    • support our communities to support themselves and each other
    • invest in our economy to provide sustainable opportunities for employment, innovation and growth across the Borough
    • work together and fight for a better future for Gateshead

    Our priority areas, transformation programmes and enablers

    We have identified 3 priority areas for our system work:

    1. Children and Young Peoples’ health and wellbeing (‘best start in life’) – we are focusing on Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).
    2. Frailty (including falls) – we are focusing on ‘strength and balance’ provision in Gateshead and a review of adult occupational
    3. Residents with multiple and complex
    We have also identified a number of transformation programmes that we are progressing as a system:
    • Older persons care homes
    • Community mental health and Delivering Together
    • Community health services transformation
    • Community model for learning disabilities
    • Intermediate care
    • End of life care
    Our key enablers:
    • Digital technology (including addressing digital poverty)
    • Workforce
    • Governance for Gateshead Health & Care System

Hartlepool Borough Council and its partners through the Health and Wellbeing Board have the following vision and ambition:

Our vision is that Hartlepool will develop a culture and environment that promotes and supports health and wellbeing for all.

Our ambitions are:

Living Well –Hartlepool is a safe and healthy place to live with strong communities. Enabling those who live in Hartlepool to be healthy and well for a lifetime involves much more than good health and social care services. Many different things impact on health and wellbeing – housing, jobs, leisure, sport & access to open spaces, education, health services and transport.  We want Hartlepool to be a healthy place with supportive neighbourhoods and communities which are strong and resourceful, making best use of their community assets. We want to support people in Hartlepool to take steps to avoid premature deaths.

Ageing Well – Older People in Hartlepool live active and independent lives and are supported to manage their own health and wellbeing. Similar to most areas in England, the proportion of older people in Hartlepool is increasing. We want to support people to develop and maintain health and independence as long as possible. When people start to develop a long-term health problem, we want to focus on preventing them from developing further health and social problems. We want to see local services focused on those who have the greatest need, to reduce health inequality and to enable a greater focus on prevention of ill health.

Dying Well – People in Hartlepool are supported for a good death. Despite the fact that all of us will die one day, some of us will experience death suddenly or prematurely; others will die after a period of illness or frailty, which can sometimes be protracted over time. We want to engage our communities so that people from Hartlepool are supported to die with dignity, compassion and that relevant support is available to carers to deal with dying and death.

Hartlepool council want to support people to access community resources to prevent them needing health and social care provision. The council is implementing Community Led Support and will be commissioning future services to support this vision.

“Community Led Support seeks to change the culture and practice of community health and social work delivery so that it becomes more clearly values-driven, community focused in achieving outcomes, empowering of staff and a true partnership with local people.”

Middlesbrough Council is keen to work with its local population, providers and other stakeholders to deliver the most appropriate support to those in need.

We want to promote independence and develop evidence based early interventions to prevent peoples care needs or to meet these needs where prevention isn’t possible.  Our future commissioning aims will therefore focus on:

  • working with partners to devise and develop new delivery models,
  • developing integrated commissioning models,
  • developing holistic, evidence based early interventions,
  • Ensuring we use limited resources effectively

Achieving these aims in emerging, but significantly challenging financial circumstances, which will require us to continue to make savings, requires us to place a much greater emphasis on treating public spending as an investment, supporting the local economy and generating returns which can be reinvested.

To do this we want to develop and improve our communication with partners, encouraging creativity and innovation, sharing ideas and best practice and engaging with our communities to better understand what local people want from services.

We welcome approaches from providers who want to discuss bringing new and innovative approaches to meeting needs in what could be “the new normal”.

The vision for adults living in Redcar and Cleveland is for a sustainable support and care system which promotes and maximises independence for as long as possible. There is recognition that effective strategic commissioning and strong relationships with providers can drive transformation to deliver this vision for Adult Social Care.

Redcar and Cleveland’s aim is to shift investment across a continuum of support to allow more people to be helped at an earlier stage and to reduce or delay their need for continued support.

Efforts will be made to make better use of existing community assets, as well as secure funding from a range of sources and aligning resources with partners.

Approaches will include:

  • Proactive work alongside other Council departments and partners supporting communities to provide solutions which work for them to enable people to live and age well.
  • Integrated models of commissioning and delivery across health and social care.
  • Enabling providers to have more influence over design and delivery of services, whilst achieving agreed outcomes.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Councils philosophy is to be open and transparent with the local community, stakeholders and all contracted providers. By being inclusive with all parties, this allows the Council to have open discussions and clear direction when setting up services.

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