Darlington Borough Council’s future commissioning aims and vision will be focused on changing behaviours to promote independence developing evidence based early interventions to prevent peoples care needs increasing and devising new delivery models through joint work with our partners.

We will achieve this through a particular focus on using available resources more effectively and seeking to work with a more diverse range of partners including voluntary and community sector organisations small and medium size enterprises and entrepreneurs. This position statement is intended to provide the information needed to support that effort.

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Strategies – Gateshead Council

Our vision

To work with our communities to enable residents to live thriving lives, be independent and individual, support themselves and each other, and access personalised quality support when they need it.

Our vision is about
  • Valuing people for who they are, the strengths and potential they have, supporting them to improve and maintain their wellbeing to lead healthy and happy lives, where they are in control and able to make the best choices for themselves and their families.
  • Equity, and recognising that not everybody in Gateshead is starting from the same point and some people will need more help than others.
  • Recognising and rewarding the people working in the social care,  whilst building a well-trained and resilient workforce that has a range of exciting and interesting roles, career pathways, progression and opportunities at all levels.
  • Putting people at the heart of everything we do, ensuring the voice of people with lived experience is heard and working with them in true partnership to co-produce our Adult Social Care offer.
  • Working in partnerships to improve services and work in an integrated way to achieve the best outcomes for individuals.
  • Ensuring Gateshead is a great place to live irrespective of illness, disability or caring responsibilities.

Gateshead Council’s overarching strategy ‘Thrive’ has ambitions to make Gateshead a place where everyone thrives. Aiming to redress the imbalance of inequality and championing fairness and social justice. We want to work with partners and others, to target resources to ensure the best outcomes for the people of Gateshead. There is a commitment to five pledges which can be found on our Thrive webpges.

Last updated 2nd May 2024

Hartlepool Borough Council and its partners through the Health and Wellbeing Board have the following vision and ambition:

Our vision is that Hartlepool will develop a culture and environment that promotes and supports health and wellbeing for all.

Our ambitions are:

Living Well –Hartlepool is a safe and healthy place to live with strong communities. Enabling those who live in Hartlepool to be healthy and well for a lifetime involves much more than good health and social care services. Many different things impact on health and wellbeing – housing, jobs, leisure, sport & access to open spaces, education, health services and transport.  We want Hartlepool to be a healthy place with supportive neighbourhoods and communities which are strong and resourceful, making best use of their community assets. We want to support people in Hartlepool to take steps to avoid premature deaths.

Ageing Well – Older People in Hartlepool live active and independent lives and are supported to manage their own health and wellbeing. Similar to most areas in England, the proportion of older people in Hartlepool is increasing. We want to support people to develop and maintain health and independence as long as possible. When people start to develop a long-term health problem, we want to focus on preventing them from developing further health and social problems. We want to see local services focused on those who have the greatest need, to reduce health inequality and to enable a greater focus on prevention of ill health.

Dying Well – People in Hartlepool are supported for a good death. Despite the fact that all of us will die one day, some of us will experience death suddenly or prematurely; others will die after a period of illness or frailty, which can sometimes be protracted over time. We want to engage our communities so that people from Hartlepool are supported to die with dignity, compassion and that relevant support is available to carers to deal with dying and death.

Hartlepool council want to support people to access community resources to prevent them needing health and social care provision. The council is implementing Community Led Support and will be commissioning future services to support this vision.

“Community Led Support seeks to change the culture and practice of community health and social work delivery so that it becomes more clearly values-driven, community focused in achieving outcomes, empowering of staff and a true partnership with local people.”

Middlesbrough Council is keen to work with its local population, providers and other stakeholders to deliver the most appropriate support to those in need.

We want to promote independence and develop evidence based early interventions to prevent peoples care needs or to meet these needs where prevention isn’t possible.  Our future commissioning aims will therefore focus on:

  • working with partners to devise and develop new delivery models,
  • developing integrated commissioning models,
  • developing holistic, evidence based early interventions,
  • Ensuring we use limited resources effectively

Achieving these aims in emerging, but significantly challenging financial circumstances, which will require us to continue to make savings, requires us to place a much greater emphasis on treating public spending as an investment, supporting the local economy and generating returns which can be reinvested.

To do this we want to develop and improve our communication with partners, encouraging creativity and innovation, sharing ideas and best practice and engaging with our communities to better understand what local people want from services.

We welcome approaches from providers who want to discuss bringing new and innovative approaches to meeting needs in what could be “the new normal”.

South Tyneside has set out ambitious plans to support residents to be able to:

  • Access support which builds on their strengths, friendships, and aspirations
  • Live safely and well
  • Live independently as much as this is possible
  • Have an equal voice in coordinating their care and support
  • Tell their story only once
  • Have their rights protected
  • Be included and treated as equal citizens

Ultimately, the vision for Adult Social Care and Commissioning is:

“We all want people in South Tyneside to live in the place they call home with the people and things that they love, in communities where people look out for one another, doing things that matter to them.”

Further information on overall priorities can be found in the Adult Social Care Living Better Lives Strategy 2022-2026.

In order to achieve these outcomes, the intention is to move away from traditional models of service delivery; favouring approaches which are more flexible, personalised and responsive. By stimulating a more diverse market, capable of delivering more creative solutions, the vision is for increased focus on outcome-centric approaches. This will mean reducing reliance on higher dependency services such as residential care and more focus on community and home-based support; this approach will rely on a greater focus on prevention and early help.

South Tyneside remains committed to working in co-production with residents and experts by experience. Striving for stengths-based flexible approaches, will ensure choice and control for residents; ensuring individual and community assets are utilised fully to maximise independence, and autonomy.

There will be a continued emphasis on integrated approaches and joint working with the North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care Board. Ensuring that health and social care is working in a coordinated way to meet the needs of our underserved communities.

In order to achieve this vision, there is a commitment to the following principles:

  • What’s right for the person is right for the system
  • Making the best use of the collective South Tyneside Pound
  • Working collaboratively and in partnership
  • Delivering safe, high quality support at the right time in the right place
  • Commitment to co-production
  • Supporting people to remain as independent as possible
  • Working proactively and preventatively
  • Ensuring delivery in the spirit of openness and transparency
  • Delivering innovative and outcome-focussed solutions to support choice and control


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